What people say about Melissa and Voice Pro Studio…


“Working with Melissa Altro on the 16th season of Arthur was an honour for me.  She’s an absolute pro and seeing her transform into ‘Muffy’ each week was incredible.  She makes it all seem so effortless!  Melissa really knows her stuff and I would recommend her to anyone starting out in the business as she has a wealth of experience and knowledge.  I look forward to seeing her in action again on the next season of Arthur!”

-Christine Davis, Producer on ‘Arthur’ for 9 Story Entertainment

“I’ve had the opportunity and pleasure of working with Melissa Altro for the past 20 years on the Emmy Award winning PBS series “Arthur”.  As the role of Muffy, Melissa has proven year after year that she’s a consummate professional, an imaginative actor and a really fun person to work with! She knows what she’s doing in a recording booth and can breathe life into any role. This industry is lucky to have her!”

-Debra Toffan, Voice casting and director, winner of 4 Emmy Awards for Voice Directing ‘Arthur’.

“Melissa Altro was a veteran voice actor at the age of fourteen. I  looked for many months for the voice of Pippi Longstocking  and after an exhaustive search of hundreds of actresses, Melissa was it!!! She has appeared in many animated series in a large range of roles.Take her course!!! She gets it!!!”

-Jessie Thomson,Casting and Voice Director, World of Quest, Grossology, Pippi Longstocking, Beetlejuice, Tin, Tin, Rupert the Bear, Franklin the Turtle, Babar, Rolie Polie Olie and more


“I just booked a pilot for a cartoon about a bunch of wacky aliens settling on earth that we’re recording tomorrow! I’m really excited about it. It’s my first “non-kids” (adult) cartoon, which should be loads of fun!! It’s for the role of Erin, a loveable (borderline annoying), happy-go-lucky over achiever (think Amy Poehler in Parks and Rec). I’m super excited!” THANK YOU for all your help!!!

– Margaret Brock, Actor

“I booked my first voice job, directly off my demo! It’s for the Food Network and I go into the studio tomorrow morning. I’m so excited and nervous, but I’m gonna look back through my notes to make sure I do the best job I can do! Any last minute tips before my first job as a voice over artist? AAAAH. Thanks again for everything!”

-Stephanie Malek, Actor

“It wasn’t only fun, but it was an honor to work with ”Muffy.” Melissa had so much energy and her smile is contagious! I was sick during my one-on-one coaching session with her so my voice sounded congested, but she still made me feel like my voice was amazing! I had never done voice over before so she had to give me some hints and pointers…those hints and pointers just so happened to land me the role. That’s right, thanks to Melissa I got a part in “The 99.” I can’t wait to work with Melissa again.”

-Kate Vickery, Actor, 12 years old

“Melissa Altro came highly recommended to us. When my daughter got a last minute audition for a voice over cartoon, Melissa came to the rescue! She knew just what to do and she worked quickly to get Kate ready for her big audition. Her lesson plan was clear and to the point. She went over the script and taught Kate how to go about managing it. Her approach was kid friendly and her class lesson was fun. It became very clear early on, that Melissa was a consummate professional. She brings so much to the table and Kate loved working with her. Kate felt confident going into the audition and the director LOVED her. She commented on how well prepared she was and couldn’t believe it was her very first voice over audition! In the end, she got the role; all thanks to Melissa Altro. Wish they could all be that easy!”

-Laura Cassidy, Kate Vickery’s mother

“Working with Melissa has been the most amazing experience! She is so caring, giving and a genuinely nice person, plus an excellent voice coach and actor. Melissa has given me tools to expand my range of character and how to breakdown a script.I now feel more confident when it comes to voice work. I highly recommend anyone looking to get into the voice world to work with Melissa! Thanks to Melissa and what I learned in our coaching sessions, I booked my first voice audition!”

-Danielle Watling, Actor

“I just got confirmation one minute ago, that I booked my first ever voice gig! I am playing an old asian woman in an animated pilot. Thank you for all of your help!”

– Kanja Chen, Actor

“I booked my first animation gig! It’s called “The 99″ and was just picked up by The Hub in the States for one season. I play the main character named Dana or Noora when she uses her powers! Starts recording in September! Thanks so so much Melissa for all your help and best be believing I may call on you again for some more. You’re so much fun. Xo.”

-Sara-Clare Lajeunesse, Actor


“Before going to Melissa to record my animation voice demo, I took both her one-day workshop and six-week course. Melissa is a fantastic coach and director. She has an expert understanding of both vocal technique and voice acting, and is consistently able to bring out your best. She gives insightful and specific direction that is at once easy to understand, internalize, and act on. And on top of that, working with Melissa is always heaps of fun!”

-Allan Turner, Actor, Writer, Director

“I love my demo and my agent is obsessed. Great work Melissa and I’ll recommend her to all my friends.  It was a pleasure  and I look forward to working with her again when I add stuff to my reel in the future!!”

-Jen Goodhue, Actor, Writer

“I had an absolute blast! I learned a lot, and as I was leaving I only wanted to do more voice work. It’s better than what I imagined. Melissa was a pleasure to work with- the environment was really supportive, and unhurried.It was a great first look into something I could make another part of my available tools. Thanks again!”

-Ryan Collins, Actor

“Melissa has really made voice over work fun and accessible. She thoroughly explained what happens in a voice audition and I now feel that I can approach my next audition with confidence thanks to what I learned in the workshop. Thank you Melissa!”

-Miranda Plant, Actor

“Melissa was a great help to me when I was first exploring the world of cartoon voice over. She is clear, concise and has an enormous amount of experience and knowledge in the field. She is also incredibly personable and fun! I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for instruction in voice work.”

-Robin Evan Willis, Actor


“I had done a few workshops in LA and I’m thrilled to say there was absolutely nothing redundant about Melissa’s! I walked away with a deeper understanding of how my on camera experience can inform my voice acting and I’ve got more confidence in my ability behind the mic.  Thank you Melissa for being a part of all that!” 

-Kimberly Huie, Actor

“Melissa is a voice coach extraordinaire! I couldn’t have picked a more kind, warm, hilarious, professional, and hard working person to train with. As someone who wanted to be a voice actor forever but came to her with little acting experience, Melissa knew exactly how to work with my insecurities and apprehension.  She knows how to push when needed yet she’s gentle and caring. After working together for over a year Melissa guided me to a rockin’ demo  session and I’m extremly proud of the outcome.” 

 – Kyla Schmidt, Actor

“Melissa is a fabulous voice coach. Just fabulous! I learned so much from her in just a short time. I’m going to miss you Melissa!”

-Solmaz Damirchi, Actor

“Melissa’s energy and talent really shines through in her work, and makes her a great teacher and coach. I had a very inspiring and empowering experience being in her workshop, making me want to take my skills to the next level.”

-Blair Kay, Actor

“Melissa’s Animation Voice Workshop was what an acting class for professionals should be: straight-forward, focused, specific, and a lot of fun. As an instructor, Melissa provides clear and actable direction and great advice on the technique of recording for animation. After a one-day workshop, I am armed with tons of knowledge about what I should do in a recording booth and what happens on the other side of the glass.”

-Mark Crawford, Actor

“Working with Melissa was one of the best experiences I’ve had! It was my first time taking an animation voice workshop and Melissa’s feedback was helpful, concise, specific, easy to apply, and FUN! I left the studio with confidence and drive. I can’t wait to do my VOICE DEMO with her! I highly recommend Voice Pro Studio with Melissa Altro!”

-Jen Neales, Actor

“Melissa’s voice animation workshop was fantastic.  She keeps her class size low, so everyone gets a lot of one-on-one attention and feedback.  It was a fun, stress-free, and enlightening experience on the world of voice animation.  Highly recommended for someone seeking new tools to break into the voice world.”

-Patrick Kwok-Choon, Actor

“Melissa is an awesome coach. Although I was a complete amateur compared to the other individuals at the workshop, she created a positive atmosphere and didn’t treat me any differently. I highly appreciated that! Melissa gave me a huge confidence boost and I left the workshop with a smile on my face. It would be a honour to work with Melissa again.”

-Josie Gunness, Actor


“Having a guest artist in the classroom like Melissa, provided an enriching experience for the students and added creative energy to their work. Melissa enhanced my knowledge of approaches to teaching voice acting. She provided real life, high stakes tasks for students which contextualized their learning.”

– Melissa Farmer, Teacher grade 7, Branksome Hall 

“Our students really enjoyed the work Melissa did with them. I was impressed with her detail, rapport, and pacing (among so many other great things that she did). Thank you again, Melissa for teaching at ESA!”

– Darren Black, Teacher grades 9, 10 & 11, Etobicoke School of the Arts

“I had the pleasure of having Melissa Altro in my classroom to do a voice workshop with my grade 8 class. The workshop was engaging, informative and hit on key curriculum expectations and the kids talked about it all year.”

– Luke Davies, Teacher grade 8, King Edward P.S. TDSB

“The students were captivated by Melissa’s teaching style. She related to them in an energetic and enthusiastic manner. She was able to get everybody involved and participating. We would love to have Melissa back at our Daycare for another workshop and highly recommend her to other children’s facilities or schools.”

– Yayoi Takemoto, Registered Early Childhood Educator, Orde Daycare